Arab architect, originally from Al-Khader village near Bait-Lahem, Palestine.

Born on Feb. 3 1975 in Algeria

1975-1983 in Algeria. "Primary school"

1984-1987 in Syria. "Elementary school"

1988-1992 in Libya. "Secondary school"

1993-1998 in Iraq. "Mosul University"

1998-2002 in Jordan "AEC,DMS & MED"

2003-2012 in Saudi Arabia "OCE, ASD & El-Wakil"

2013- In Qatar Work with QF.

I have an interesting experience with many arab countries, completing the schools' study in three countries (Algeria, Syria and Libya) after that, I study the architecture in Iraq, first year in Baghdad (Technology university) then transfer to Mosul and graduate at 1998 from Mosul university, I start my Carrier in Amman, Jordan. Starting my first 4 years working in Abdul-Hadi engineering office then Diran-Masri Office. in 2003 moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and work with Otaishan consulting office and Al-Dughaither office for 4 years, after that I met Prof. Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil in 2005 and start work with him until now, obviously he changed my life and open my eyes to the Islamic architecture, and now I am doing my best to revival the Islamic architecture through research and practice the design and construction. My father Dr. Azmi I. Abu-samra advice me when I'm leaving to study to avoid the medical field, and when I choose the architecture that time its by chance and I don't have any plan to do architectural study.Now I have three architects in my family, my wife Arch. Ola Ajlouni and My sister Arch. Lina Abu-samra as well as my brother Mohammed Abu-samra, I don't know about my kids ( Yousuf, Omar, Azmi & Diana ) in future, may be one of them also will choose this field.I'm using the Autocad Architecture or "Autocad Architecture desktop" and it's the best choice  from my opinion, the benefits from Autocad architecture is controlling the design 3D and easily extract the 2D drawings from the main model. Its' amazing software helped the architect to concentrate on design and don't waste his time in stupid 2D work.