Design Elements

Islamic Architecture Design Elements

MiqatOn this section I will explain the Islamic Architecture Vocabulary, which is the first step to understand the Islamic architecture. I divide these elements to four categories, the first category is the structural elements and here it's not like the modern materials ( concrete & steel), because the modern materials in the modern design usually covered by another layers, like a false ceiling and the user can't see the structural reinforced concrete slab. But in the Islamic architecture design, the structural elements like (domes, vaults, arches, columns... etc.) they works as an interior elements as well. The second category is the Architectural design elements, like a wood-work, metal-work, lighting fixture, floor pattern...etc.). the third category is the Mosque design elements, like ( Minaret, Mihrab, Minbar, Stalactite...etc.). the forth category is Miscellaneous design elements, like (cool tower, loggia, courtyard...etc.)

List of Design Elements

  • Structural Design Elements
  • Architectural Design Elements
  • Mosque Design Elements
  • Miscellaneous Design Elements